The Spheres – an experimental audio visual ensemble from Melbourne

We spent three days hanging out with Melbourne audio visual (AV) ensemble The Spheres - ‘musicians in love with film and film-makers obsessed with music.’

The first day…

We crowd onto a sofa in a Pascoe Vale house on Wednesday afternoon, September 18.

Outside, rain is pouring, wind is howling.

Inside, Guy Harris is playing an upright piano. He’s recorded by Adam Casey, owner of The True Vine. Adam’s a true sound man. He must live alone. He’s fashioned the interior of his residence in the image of a sound temple, every room a viable space to capture hold of sound, to worship it and re-present it.

A photo of a piano at True Vine for The Spheres

With only a piano being recorded, we’re not sure what to think. We were hoping to capture something a little more grandiose.

Guy is quiet and thoughtful. He tells me The Spheres organise their project around themes. The sea. Memory. The C word. Continue reading

A conversation with French actress Clara Ponsot from Cosimo e Nicole

We swung by the Cullen Hotel for a brief chat with French international film star Clara Ponsot – lead actress of Cosimo e Nicole, which headlines the Lavazza Italian Film Festival in Melbourne. Scroll down to see the video…

Just another day reclining on roses. Here we are in the bar of the Cullen Hotel, knocking back a few beers, working up the courage to meet the beautiful Madame Ponsot. Hear the Hum has moved seamlessly into the high-flying world of international film stars.

We’re chaperoned into a Cullen Hotel room suite decorated with daring artworks, and which has been set aside expressly for our interview. Within a couple minutes, we rearrange all the furniture making use of a giant lamp as a studio light. It will beam straight into Clara’s face and probably give her a headache.

When Clara finally appears, we’re shocked to see her arm in a sling! A car crash apparently. And she looks a little bit weary. Burning the candle at both ends?

We ask Clara what she thinks of Melbourne. She replies haltingly in English that she has heard it’s the most pleasant city in the world featuring grand parks and electric cars. We think it’s rather nice of her to say this. After all, hail and rain are currently rattling the hotel windows.

It’s an intimate interview ranging across childhood, French acting training and the themes of her latest feature film, Cosimo e Nicole. We enjoyed meeting her! Here it is…

Spark, light and transformation: A Small Prometheus

This is a collection of various media documenting our experience of A Small Prometheus – a contemporary dance work.

We’re inside the Sylvia Staehili Theatre, Dancehouse, 150 Princes St, Carlton.

Most of the thinkers, makers and doers of A Small Prometheus are sitting in a circle on the scarred timber performance floor talking preparation. It’s a peaceful scene, the calm before a storm of sound, sculpture and dance choreography erupts into life.

We’ve been kindly invited to observe the dancers rehearse the entirety of A Small Prometheus from beginning to end. This project has been running for two years and it’s the first time the candle-driven kinetic sculptures are being used. We’re very excited.

Stephanie Lake is the choreographer of A Small Prometheus. She waves at us from where she’s sitting, blond hair incandescent beneath the theatre lights. Robin Fox makes the sound and sculptures. He’s an audio-visual artist working across dance, lighting, set design, interactive sculpture, public artworks and photography. He has Continue reading

Lady in the Bookshop: Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller

This is a record of our afternoon with Kay Craddock – an internationally renown buyer and seller of antiquarian books.

We enter the shop on 156 Collins Street, Melbourne.

A smartly-dressed lady approaches. She wants to know if I’m the “email stranger” asking for an hour of her time. Indeed I am he. And this is Stefan and August, my colleagues. Pleased to meet you.

The woman is Kay Craddock – Antiquarian Bookseller.

She looks me over, not unkindly, but I do feel poorly dressed. I’ve been locked out of my house all day. I’m wearing Stefan’s old clothes and broken shoes.  I’m unshaved. Professionalism is…and that is what I want, ok? That’s all.

Kay asks me to explain our project. I reel off words Continue reading